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About Allison

My most recent 'twist' is that I am an expat living in Jubail, Saudi Arabia with my husband and three small children (ages 3, 6 and 9). Follow us on our adventures!

Read here more over Allison's experiences moving to and living in Saudia Arabia.



The sea shipment container

I watched as the men loaded the last few boxes into the sea shipment container.  As the flatbed truck with the container drove down the street, the children waved good-bye to their toys.  It would be a few months before we would see the bulk of our belongings again, and we desperately hoped they would arrive without damage.  We knew that having our personal items would help the new house feel more like home, especially for our children. 

Prepared as much as possible

We had prepared as much as possible, of course.  Visas, healthcare, banking, housing, schools—and the list could go on.  At times it was completely overwhelming.  There are so many little things to take care of before you move anywhere, let alone out of the country for several years.  I had spent hours sorting everything into different piles. . . suitcases, sea shipment, air shipment, storage, donate.   I had also read everything I could get my hands on and talked to anyone I could find who had personally experienced Saudi Arabia.  Most of our friends and neighbors had been polite enough to not tell us what they really thought when we talked about moving our three small children halfway around the world to the Middle East, but you could generally see it in their expressions. 
Although, there were some people who were genuinely excited for us.  Often people who had previously been expats themselves.  They knew that we would have fantastic experiences and wonderful opportunities not only for travel, but for meeting people from all over the world and building new friendships. 

Culture shock

But reading about a place, or even visiting, can’t completely prepare you for the experience of living there.  We knew that we would experience culture shock, but it still happens even if you are expecting it.  We also knew that there would be ups and downs.  Life is never perfect, and moving to a brand new place with unique customs, culture, and language is bound to provide moments of frustration and loneliness.  Expat life is a mixture of benefits and drawbacks.  But as a friend had reminded me the night before, your attitude and perspective can make all the difference.  Learning to laugh at your mistakes and move forward can be invaluable. 

My eyes filled with tears

As I walked through the now empty house, my eyes filled with tears.  Closing one chapter of life and opening another is almost always a bitter-sweet experience.  You take with you the old memories and look forward to creating the new.  Something that is common to all people, no matter their country or culture, is that you can’t ever go backward in time, you always have to keep moving forward.

Our next step forward was taking our little family of five and heading off on what promised to be the adventure of a lifetime.