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Shipping your piano is a tricky thing. An accident is easily made. Off course you can get it insured beforehand, but nevertheless, you don't want a big scratch or dent on it right?

Our international movers will make sure you're piano will be packed and moved as safely as possible. They have the specialist materials, knowedge and tools to move your prized pocession from door to door without any mishaps along the way.

Can they guarantee it to be 100% the same when it gets to the destination?

No, nobody can! What they can do is take as much risk away when shipping the piano. They will make tailored made crates to fit and special wrapping to help it move safely. If you live a few floors up, they will arrange a freight elevator.

Keep in mind that these movers know what they are doing and have moved many piano's before. Compare quotes for the move of your piano and you might be surprised what movers can offer you to getg you piano shipped.