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When talking about moving companies it's very likely that someone will mention a relocation company. Both provide services to help your with your international move, and will make sure your move abroad goes as smoothly as possible, but keep in mind that these are not the same kind of companies. They offer very different services.

What is the difference?

This may sound obvious, but movers general only help you with the physical move itself. Relocation specialists on the other hand generally provide services to help you, not only with the move, but with all the other aspects of your life that will be affected when you move across international borders. Aspects that you might never of thought of until confronted by them in your daily life. Relocation service providers are experts that can help you out with immigration, insurance, housing and even how to get your kids in the right school.
Off course these services do come with a price. Relocation specialistst are usually hired by international corporations to move their high flying excutives around the globe.

Why use a moving company ?

Basically to save money. If your budget is tight and you are confident of your own ability to project manage your move yourself then contract your mover, cross that item of your 'To Do' list and focus on the next...

Why use a recocation company ?

To relax. If your budget can stretch to it and you value the piece of mind that your move is being handled by a specialist, then contract your relocation company, and focus on your new life...

They will take any issues out of your hand. Help with housing, your kids, pets, insurances, bank accounts, you name it.