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Who's 'business' is the well-being of the expat's partner?

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About Eva

Eva Kempinger is a career coach and human resources advisor with many years’ experience in the corporate and public sectors. Eva accompanied her partner to France, Germany, Italy and the United States –and succeeded in sustaining and developing her own career whilst abroad. Eva’s personal experience of setting up a new life in different countries makes her the perfect coach for expats and their partners all over the world. Eva knows what it means to live abroad and the challenges expats face.

For the past 20 years, Eva has worked as a Human Resources Advisor and career coach in international and Dutch companies such as adidas International, Nestlé and the Dutch Public Employment Services (PESs) CWI. She has a broad knowledge of different working environments and practices. Eva has a Degree in Human Resources Management and in Career advising. She speaks fluent German, Dutch and English.

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"A happy expat simply achieves more..."


Back in Paris, years ago. We had just moved home f and it had become a kind of routine: packing, unpacking, trying to settle in, finding out where to buy the daily groceries, and meeting new people. Oh and, in the long run, find a job for myself as well! With our experience we were fully aware that it takes time and patience to settle in a foreign country, even if it is not for the first time.

We were living in a typically Parisian apartment, beautiful and with a view onto the Eiffel Tower. Very 'chique’, indeed, situated in a pleasant neighborhood - money was no object, and yet … I was unhappy and I missed the challenges of my old job. In the beginning I didn’t dare complain or admit to anyone that I was unhappy, afraid that friends and family back home would call me ‘spoilt’ or tell me just to 'wait a while'. All anybody else ever saw was the ‘exterior’ - the apparent wealth - but inside there was a darkness and a loneliness, and all because…….

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Read here more over Eva's experiences as an expat and career coach.

Support for the accompanying partner

With all my experience, optimism, courage, openness, and being proactive, it was still a challenge, to come to terms with yet anothe new environment. Even with my love of all things foreign and the full awareness that one has to build a new life for yourself - it could have been a lot easier if there had been some support and guidance from my partner’s firm for me, the accompanying partner.

I firmly belief the relocation support for expat families should not stop the moment the expat family has moved in to their new home. Offering ‘partner support’ as part of the relocation package is a sign of good employment practice, taking the full responsibility for the needs of your expat employee, helping them to become, and continue to be, a valuable and fuly productive employee in thier new working situation.