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About Eva

Eva Kempinger is a career coach and human resources advisor with many years’ experience in the corporate and public sectors. Eva accompanied her partner to France, Germany, Italy and the United States –and succeeded in sustaining and developing her own career whilst abroad. Eva’s personal experience of setting up a new life in different countries makes her the perfect coach for expats and their partners all over the world. Eva knows what it means to live abroad and the challenges expats face.

For the past 20 years, Eva has worked as a Human Resources Advisor and career coach in international and Dutch companies such as adidas International, Nestlé and the Dutch Public Employment Services (PESs) CWI. She has a broad knowledge of different working environments and practices. Eva has a Degree in Human Resources Management and in Career advising. She speaks fluent German, Dutch and English.

Read here more over Eva's experiences as an expat and career coach.



Have you been faced with lots of every-day challenges?

How do I find a job? What is my purpose in (expat) life? How do I find inspiration and satisfaction during my life abroad? What are my drives, beliefs, needs and priorities? How do I deal with loneliness and feeling homesick?
Since first arriving in your host country, things have been more difficult that you expected. As a partner to an expat it is more than likely that you have been faced with lots of every-day challenges. You have survived the ups and downs of settling in and you can be proud that you finally know your way around and your daily life has at last begun to feel normal. It is about now that another important question comes up:

So what about my career and MY purpose in (expat) life?

As an accompanying partner of an expat, you are dealing with a lot of changes in many areas of your life. Perhaps you feel like you have lost your professional identity? Up to now your profession was probably a huge part of your purpose of life and consumed much of your time and energy.

Who am I? | What do I want? | What do I have to offer? - You are not alone. With the help of a professional career coach you will find your identity again. It is certainly worth the investment in both time and money.