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What to do with your moving quote!

Ok. So you have requested several moving quotes for your international move. Great!

Now what can you expect?

In the next couple of days the moving companies will contact you by phone or e-mail to talk about your move. Some might wanna have more information by phone, other will insist to visit you. For your own comfort. Try to plan the visits on the same date.

Visit you? Why?

To be able to give you a good quote they need a lot of information about the move. Moving a piano, art or from a 6th floor apartmentbuilding with no elevator makes a huge difference in price as you might guess.

Letting them visit you is a good idea. Simply because of the fact that you'll get a good idea of the people you are dealing with and you'll avoid any discussion later on about which items are moved by the mover and which items are moved by you. They will be able to give you a estimate on site and send you a full quote later.

Getting the quotes!

After a couple of days you'll receive quotes for your international move by e-mail. If not, don't wait to long and let us know. Or, contact the person who visited you in the first place. There might be a good reason that it takes a bit longer. Sometimes they are trying to combine moves to  get a great price. If you haven't received a quote after a week, don't hesitate to contact us. We try to give you the best service as possible.

Read the quote carefully!

There are some things you need to keep a close eye on when reviewing a moving quote.

- Look for hidden costs...(If it isn't clear, ask them. Stupid questions do not exist)
- Ask if they are members of an international moving association. This means that they are bound by strict regulations and your move may be covered by an assurance scheme
- Try to get a fixed fee for the move. Only an estimate with additional costs after the move might become a nasty surprise.
- Look any additional costs they might charge for storage, packing or insurance. Ask them what they are based on.

Why are the prices so different?

Quotations can often differ up to 50%. This is a typical logistics thing. You can probably guess that shipping companies and moving companies always want their containers and trucks to be filled up. So if a mover already has  half a container filled he might be able to add your stuff in their.He can then ship 2 moves and have only the price of shipping one container.  Same goes for a truck that has just delivered a full household. They can let it come back empty or put your stuff in there!

What moving company should I choose?

Choosing the right moving company is up to you. It depends on the price, service you got so far, delivery time and overall feeling you have with the moving company. Our advice, do not choose solely choose on price. Good quality and good service often make a huge difference when moving abroad.