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What you need to keep in mind when relocating to Amsterdam...


As capital and trade centre of The Netherlands, Amsterdam has enough top schools in the tertiary education that cover all sectors. Including international schools with teachers who all speak English fluently and exchange students from all around the world. So foreigners who seek education in Amsterdam won’t find it very hard to find a suitable school.

For more information about education in the Netherlands you can visit the main page by clicking here.


With the right information available it is not that difficult to find a house in Amsterdam, rental housing prices are determined by points of appreciation. You will have 3 options: 
  • Public Rentals: There is no housing permit required for public rentals, these kinds of houses can go up to 142 points of appreciation and on means of those points the price is being determined. 
  • Private Rentals: You require a housing permit for private rentals under 143 appreciation points, for anything above you don’t require one.
  • Buying Property: When you’re planning to stay a long time in Amsterdam and want to buy a house it can be very beneficial for you. Because if it is going to be your primary residence and are using mortgage interest payment the house tax including the notary costs will be deductible.

Medical Care

The Netherlands in general have a very good health care system but of course the best hospitals are located in the largest cities including Amsterdam.

Amsterdam even has a Tourist Medical Service (TMS) who are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

For more info about the healthcare system of The Netherlands, visit our Holland main page by clicking here.


How to find a job?
You will find the best vacancies on the internet via job agencies like:
Most companies in the Netherlands almost always include their vacancies to their websites. When you go to a specific company website you are most likely to find a tab open vacancies.
Growing markets
- Constructional business
- Tabaco industries
- Chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing
- Ship building and repair

Bank Accounts

It is not necessary to have a Dutch bank account because you shouldn’t have any problems getting money from any overseas account. The money can be obtained by any ATM as long it is a maestro card. The ATM’s in the Netherlands have different language manuals including French, German and English. 
The main Dutch banks are:
  • ABN-Amro
  • ING
  • Rabobank
  • SNS bank.
The most common one for foreigners in the Netherlands is ABN-Amro because they have a broad information based on English online and specific expat packages.
It doesn’t matter if you are a foreigner and you want to open a bank account. While applying you will only be asked to show some kind of identity proof and also there isn’t something like a certain amount of money which you must have on your account like in Switzerland.


 In the Netherlands you have a few types of visa but it depends on how long are you planning to stay and which country you come from.
Residents of the EU don’t need to have any visa of permits because Netherlands is also part of the EU. If you are a foreigner from out of the EU than you have to apply for a visa. The first you will get is a so called ‘Verblijfs vergunning’. You will receive a 5 year valid pass, then for 10 years and when you passed those 15 years you can apply for citizenship in the Netherlands.

Cost of Living

Costs of living in Amsterdam are pretty average compared to other cities, of course it differs in a lot of subjects but here is an useful link where you can check the prices of common expenses: Numbeo
This chart shows what kind of costs an average family in the Netherlands has. The most money gets spent on the rent and markets, least amount of money gets spent on the clothes and utilities

When moving and trying to find the best moving company and you need tips how to do it you can get it by clicking here



 Taxes in the Netherlands are pretty high compared to other European countries. 
  • The Tax you pay on secondary needs like clothing are 21%
  • The tax you pay on primary needs like food are 9%
  • There is a 0% taxation policy on medicine
Income Tax
The income tax in The Netherlands depends on how much money you make. In the chart underneath you will find the basic information about the Dutch income taxes.

More than Less than this amount Tax per bracket Premium national insurance Total rate Total per bracket Cumulative
 €0  €19,645  5,10%  31,15%  36,25%  €7,121  €7,121
 €19.645  €33,363  10,85%  31,15%  42%  €5,761  €12,882
 €33,363  €56,531  42%    42%  €9,730  €22,612
 €56,531  €-  52%    52%    



 People don’t prefer to travel by car in Amsterdam because of the small streets and the lack of parking space. And because there aren’t a lot of parking lots, the costs of these are very high.    The most suitable types of transportation in Amsterdam are by bicycle and public transportation.

For more info about cars, fuel and driver’s license, visit our Holland main page by clicking here.

Public Transportation

The Netherlands have a very advanced public transport system. From busses to trams, trains and metros that stretch out to almost every corner of the country. You can get monthly or yearly prescriptions to travel with the provisions that are offered to you. Students from 18-24 get free usage of public transport from Monday to Friday or you can ask to exchange it for a weekend pass.