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    What you need to keep in mind when relocating to Australia....



    Education in Australia is being divided to preschool, primary, secondary and senior high school. The whole educational course takes about 13 years. You must follow the Australian education at least until you turn 16. Australian education is one of the best in the world because they make smaller classes where they can focus more on each and every individual problems and questions of every student. They also have a lot of high profile programs for students which don’t only include school knowledge but also they try to prepare them for later, how to handle your money and that kind of useful programs which you will need later on.


     Australian house prices are being overvalued. The houses in Australia are mostly very spacey and have a nice big garden, the reason for that is that there is a lot of ground and there are almost none overpopulated areas. In Australia is it normal to have a detached house with a big garden while in most countries in Europe that is a luxury. 


    The unemployment rate in Australia is not that high. Most of the job opportunities lay at this moment in Finance, Engineering, Accountancy and Education.
    You can easily apply for a job via a website. A few websites where you can apply for a job:

    Bank Accounts:

    In Australia opening a bank account as an expat is not very hard because they don’t have special requirements. The only condition is to apply for a bank account before you come to Australia. When opening a bank account in Australia you will need your form of ID ( passport ), e-mail address and the date when you are actually coming to Australia. 
    List of banks in Australia:


     If you want to apply for a visa in Australia you should clik here because there you can choose which kind of visa you want and also immediately see the requirements. If you have all the requirements then you can also apply at the same website. Applying isn’t very hard, it is basically filling in an online form and submitting your documents with it and paying the fee.

    Cost of Living:

    The expenses of a family in Australia aren’t very different from the expenses of a family in Europe. The most money gets spent on rent and groceries. Least money gets spent on clothing and sport activities.

    For a nice overview of the expensess of an Australian family click here.

    Medical Care:

    Medical care in Australia is being provided by government and private care. Australia has one the better health care in the world and that is why their life expectancy is in the top 10 of the world. Cost of medical care in Australia are pretty high but the government pays a big part of the costs, but only if you go to a public hospital. Private hospitals are not included so if you visit a private hospital government won’t pay anything.
    List of few hospitals in Australia:

    Driving Licence:

     As an expat in Australia you won’t be troubled with much regulations about your foreign driver’s license. Once arriving in Australia you are allowed to drive for 3 months with your foreign driver’s license and then you can swap it for an international one. The only difference is if your driver’s license is in English you can swap it just by handing the old one in and receive the new one, if your driver’s license is not in English you must first translate it and then you can swap it.


    Taxable Income

    Tax rate

    0 - $ 18 200


    $18 201 - $37 000

    0% - 9,7%

    $37 001 - $80 000

    9,7% - 21,9%

    $80 001 - $180 000

    21,9% - 30,3%

    $180 001 and above

    30,3% - 44,9%



    Driving License

    Medical Care

    Tax Rates