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Spain, Lanzarote, Charco de San Gines, Laguna in Arrecife

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When making an international move to Lanzarote to across the world, can be a little overwhelming. Choosing the right international mover with years of experience in moving people like you with all their belongings from one country to another will probably be the wisest investment you will make.

They will help you to avoid the stress of your move and with the help of top moving professionals you know you can concentrate on making the best start possible in your new country!

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What you need to keep in mind when relocating to Lanzarote

•    School
Moving with the family? Keep in mind the cost of public or private schools. Inform yourself about the possibilities and try to negotiate with your new employer help with this important aspect of your move.

•    Housing
Whether you are relocating with or without a job in your new country it is a smart move to inform yourself over the local housing market. Search the web for real estate agents in the neighborhood you are locating to and get the latest prices and standard terms & conditions that apply in that area.

•    Jobs
Even if you are going with a job or moving to start a new life make sure you are aware of the standard working practices and general condition of the employment market. If you are moving with your partner don’t be afraid to ask your new employer over the opportunities of work for him or her.

•    Bank accounts
Before you arrive in your new country a local bank account may well be required to enable you to complete a rental agreement on an apartment or house. Advances from employers and transfers of money from you to your new location can also be easily facilitated. Look online for the possibilities to open accounts directly and get your new life off to a flying start.

•    Visas
If you haven’t already done so go online as early as you can and inform yourself of the currently immigration and visa requirements of the country you plan to move to. These things change from time to time and you may be required to go through a process that could take several months before or has specific requirements before you are cleared to move.

•    Cost of living
Cost of living indexes are available for virtually every country in the world. These sites give the costs for housing, schools, fuel and an average shopping basket of domestic items so that you can compare the costs of your destination with home.

•    Medical Care
Keep in mind that in most countries you need to be insured for medical care.If you don’t, and something happens, it can get expensive very quickly. Employers may or may not provide care for you and your family. Make sure that any agreements over this are clearly stated and well defined.

•    Driving license
Find out before you move if you need an international driving license and if so what are the requirements for getting one. There could be a waiting period involved before you qualify or you could be required to take a local test.

•    Tax
Some countries, and not only the obvious ones in Europe , offer tax incentives to people moving to their country to fill a knowledge gap in the local economy. Be sure to check-out in advance if there are any tax incentives you can take advantage of, as you sometimes cannot apply for them once you have moved.

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